Advisory - Resources to Help You Fight Proposed Tariffs

May 22, 2019

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SUBJECT:   Please File Comments, Contact Your Representatives, and Engage Social Media


As reported in
a May 15th Advisory, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has published a list of approximately $300 billion in goods imported from China - including fireworks, on which USTR is proposing to impose additional tariffs of up to 25 percent. 

The APA has filed a Request to Appear and testify at the public hearing scheduled for June 17 in Washington, DC at the U.S. Trade Commission.

REMINDER: A member feedback survey was distributed on May 17 asking members to provide examples of how the proposed tariffs will negatively impact their businesses. This anecdotal data will be kept confidential and help us illustrate how the proposed tariffs would harm the fireworks industry and bolster our arguments to exclude them.

We appreciate the responses that we have received thus far and request that if you have not already done so, please complete the survey as soon as possible and return it to Executive Director Julie Heckman at [email protected]

File Individual Comments to USTR - Template Letter

APA encourages its members to file individual letters to the USTR independently of APA's comments. It is extremely important that as many stakeholders as possible submit comments telling their story about the impact of the proposed tariffs on their business and community

To assist our members in this effort, we have prepared this Template Letter that companies can customize according to their business specifics. Please note that you will need to carefully review the template, particularly the portions highlighted in yellow. You will need to select the option(s) that best reflect your business operations. Additionally, feel free to add more details about your business to provide a clear illustration of your company's unique story.

It is important that USTR hear from as many stakeholders as possible and uniquely personalized letters often carry greater impact than a generic letter that is merely duplicated and sent by a large number of respondents.      

Once your letter is finalized, you may file it electronically by June 17 via enter docket number USTR-2019-0004.  We ask that you also pass a copy of your submitted letter to Julie Heckman at [email protected]

Remember to keep a copy of your comment letter handy, as it can also serve as a talking points reference for any pre 4th of July press or media calls you may receive.

Engage Your Elected Representatives

We encourage you to send a copy of your letter to your elected representatives, with a simple cover note: 

Dear Congressmen / Dear Senator,

The proposed tariffs on China imports will significantly harm my business.  I am asking for your support to oppose the tariffs on fireworks.  Attached please find a copy of our comment letter to the USTR explaining the impact on my business.  Please feel free to call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX if you have any questions or desire additional information.  As a constituent, I thank you for your support.

You can access your elected representative's contact information by going to  and / or

Social Media Action

Take advantage of social media engagement, especially Twitter. Many media outlets are following the tariff chatter, so be visible to help draw attention to the fireworks industry. Post photos of your fireworks stands, tents, stores, displays.  Include language such as:

A proposed 25% tariff on fireworks will have a devastating impact on #IndependenceDay #TariffsAreTaxes #TariffsHurt #DontTaxFireworks

If you have questions, please contact Executive Director Julie Heckman at the APA office (301) 907-8181.             

Thank you for helping the APA Fight Tariffs!


Advisory #2019-15