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Before heading out for the holidays, don't forget to register for the APA Winter Educational Conference Feb. 12-15 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Early rates are only available until December 31, so don't delay.

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As always, opportunities will abound to broaden your industry knowledge and networking relationships. This year, we've endeavored to incorporate fresh content, speakers, and attendee engagement opportunities to enhance your experience at the conference, so you won't want to miss out.

Kevin McCarthy, Best-Selling Author and Consultant
The BlindSpot Zone
If you have ever said to yourself "I didn't see that coming!" then welcome to the BlindSpot Zone  
Mr.McCarthy will explore unconscious biases, implicit associations, memory traps and thinking errors that affect our behavior and decision-making abilities.                                     


Steven Adelman, Adelman Law Group, PLLC, VP, Event Safety Alliance
Explosive Conclusions! How Courts (Mis)handle Pyrotechnic Issues  
What is a "pyrotechnic device?"  Does the criteria written by legislators make sense?  Who can hold out long enough to have their day in court?  And is that a day you really want?  In this session, attorney
and Event Safety Alliance Vice President Steven A. Adelman will take you down the legal rabbit hole, pose questions that challenge you to understand the court's logic, and then tease out some solutions for APA to consider

Brian Sullivan, Precise Selling
APA University - Elearning Tools for APA Members
Brian will join us to unveil the first phase of the APA's new Elearning tool, APA University. This training resource will be available to APA members to assist them in retaining their talent and keeping staff up-to-date on the latest regulatory requirements to meet their training compliance obligations.

Weather significantly impacts businesses in different ways ranging from products, employees, customers to property. It's important for any business, particularly those in the fireworks industry, to stay prepared for challenging situations that could be caused by adverse weather conditions. Mr. Adkins will share the latest advances that have made predicting weather trends surprisingly accurate and a useful tool to help businesses plan ahead.

       Additional Sessions, Workshops & Updates to Broaden Your Industry Knowledge

How to Prepare for Regulatory Inspections? Representatives from PHMSA, FMCSA & FAA will
share what agencies look for during inspections and what information is used to
identify companies for compliance visits

               XRF Technology - Bureau Veritas will explain and demonstrate XRF Technology.

NFPA 1123, Code for Display Fireworks - Recent Revisions and Applications and how they could impact your operations


              APA at Work
- Updates on current association efforts and other items that you need to be aware of.