Membership Categories

Qualifications for Membership

Membership in the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) is open to companies, corporations, and other entities associated with the U.S. fireworks industry. The APA does not offer memberships for individuals. 

Members agree to abide by and be subject to the current APA by-laws. Additionally, the applicant agrees that it will act in accordance with the APA’s Code of Ethics and not knowingly engage in the manufacture, distribution, or sale of prohibited consumer fireworks or explosive devices.

ATF License – If your company is engaged in conducting display fireworks, please submit a current copy of your explosives’ license or permit along with your membership application.

Membership Categories

Companies that maintain and operate their principal place of business in the United States for purposes that include:

      •  Importing Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Products
      •  Wholesaling/Distributing Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Products
      •  Retailing Consumer Fireworks 
      •  Manufacturing Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Products
      •  Producing Public Fireworks Displays

Full Members are accorded voting rights and may hold elected office in the association, provided they are in good standing and comply with the association’s rules, by-laws and code of ethics. Dues rates for Full Members are based on the previous year’s gross domestic sales from fireworks or from gross sales generated from conducting professional fireworks display shows. Full Member Application

Companies and entities such as theme parks & theatrical productions that are commercial users of fireworks in a fixed, permanent location. 

Commercial User Members are accorded voting rights and may hold elected office in the association, provided they are in good standing and comply with the association's rules, by-laws and code of ethics. Dues rates for Commercial User Members are based on the total number of fireworks productions held the previous year. Commercial User Application

Companies with principal offices outside the U.S. that are engaged in the manufacture and/or export of fireworks or produce fireworks displays outside the U.S. Applicant agrees that all merchandise shipped is in full compliance with all existing U.S. state and federal laws pertaining to construction and transportation. 

International members have voting privileges in the association and may serve on APA committees. Dues for this category are based on the total number of containers shipped to the U.S. the previous year. International Member Application

Domestic U.S. or International companies or corporations that supply materials and/or services to the fireworks industry and are not engaged in the importation, distribution, or retail sale of fireworks or pyrotechnic articles. 

Supplier members do not have voting privileges in the association but may serve on APA committees. Supplier membership is required to be eligible to exhibit in the APA Resource Room and to be listed in the online Service Provider Directory. Dues are a flat fee. Supplier Member Application

Any association of persons organized and operated within the meaning of Section 501(c)(6) or similar foreign law to promote a common business interest of its members. An Applicant for Trade Association membership needs to provide a copy of its current bylaws to the Association along with their application for membership. Trade Association Application

This category is open to either individuals or entities involved in the inspection, certification, or use of fireworks. Fire Service membership does not carry voting privileges. Complimentary Fire Service membership is extended to every State Fire Marshal's Office and other enforcement entities provided they are recommended by a current APA member. Fire Service Application