APA's Role

Through its ongoing efforts, the APA strives to Preserve and Promote the American tradition of fireworks by:  

Building Relationships with Policy Makers
The APA is the voice of the fireworks industry 365 days a year on Capitol Hill and with key regulatory agencies such as DOT, ATF, and CPSC. By achieving legislative & regulatory victories, APA helps the entire industry survive and move forward.


Facilitating Education & Training
APA provides training for industry members to understand & comply with regulatory responsibilities. The association develops training programs that explain regulations & encourage safety.

Cultivating Positive Relations
The  APA works closely with members of the enforcement community and offers complimentary membership to entities that seek information or training.

Generating Positive Public Relations
When the media or general public has questions about fireworks, the first call they make is to the APA, the comprehensive source of information on all aspects of the fireworks industry. The APA compiles industry statistics and facts, and serves as a central information source on regulatory actions and other matters pertaining to the pyrotechnics industry.

Promoting Safe Use

Through its charitable foundation, the association supports educational efforts regarding fireworks and their safe use.