APA Advisory - Association Advocates for Industry Assistance

May 28, 2020

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SUBJECT:  Call to Action for U.S. Manufacturers, Fireworks Display and Proximate Pyrotechnic Companies

As reported in a May 15, 2020 APA Advisory, U.S. fireworks manufacturers, display companies and the proximate pyrotechnics sectors are experiencing unprecedented business disruptions and extreme financial hardship due to COVID-19. 

The APA is pressing for modifications to the Small Business Administration’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program to secure a lifeline for small family businesses in our industry that may not survive without immediate financial help. This issue paper highlights the problematic situation that the industry currently faces along with a proposed solution. However, this effort will not be successful, nor garner widespread attention, without your immediate help. 

Attached please find a template letter for you to customize and send to your elected officials in Washington, D.C – both Senators and Congressional Representatives -  to make them aware of our industry’s plight. We urge you to transmit the letter electronically, along with the issue paper. 

If you have established relationships with your representatives, please utilize the email addresses that you are accustomed to using when contacting their offices. If you do not have those established contacts, we urge you to call your representative’s district office and ask for the email address for the Legislative Director (LD) in your Senators’ and Representative’s offices.

Please contact APA’s Executive Director Julie Heckman via email [email protected] or phone (240) 401-4513 if you need assistance. We also urge you to share any feedback or response you receive with Ms. Heckman.

This morning the APA issued a press release promoting this effort to gain media attention to our effort. Your company may begin to receive press calls, especially as we approach Independence Day, and we have prepared talking points to help with messaging on this topic. 

Additionally, we encourage affected members to share the issue paper with the media as well as post it on your company’s website and social media platforms (issue paper attached as a jpeg image for this purpose.) When posting to social media, please remember to use the #GoFourth4Fireworks hashtag.

The current situation regarding additional governmental relief for small businesses remains fluid, however we are compelled to make sure that our policy makers understand the dire situation faced by the display, proximate, and manufacturing segments of our industry. We want to take advantage of increased media attention in and around July 4th to make our best case for industry assistance and your action is critical to conveying that message.

Advisory #2020-32