APA Advisory - COVID Stimulus Relief Bill Update #2

August 7, 2020

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SUBJECT:  Association Members Urged to Continue Contacts With Elected Officials

While Congress continues negotiations in finalizing a stimulus relief package and there has been some progress since our July 31 update no agreement has been reached. Technically the Senate finishes session today at noon, but the Senate is coming back in session next week to continue their work toward a relief package.

Both sides of the aisle want to finish this important work for the American people. However, there is still no clear word of what language is most likely being used to further small business relief. It has also been stated that whatever package is agreed to regarding Enhanced Unemployment and Eviction Moratorium, those will most likely both be retroactive.

Call to Action

Domestic APA members are urged to please reach out once again to your elected representatives. It is critical that we don’t give up and keep the pressure on Congress to finalize a relief package that does not leave small family businesses behind. It would be prudent for APA members to send a short, personal e-mail to your elected representatives reminding them how urgent this is for your company and the survival of the fireworks entertainment industry that they pass a relief bill with the RESTART language included.

Thank you to all APA member companies for continuing these important congressional outreach efforts. Together, let’s work to get meaningful financial assistance for small family businesses in this soon to be announced stimulus relief package over the finish line.


Advisory #2020-37