APA Advisory - COVID Stimulus Relief Bill Update #3

August 10, 2020

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SUBJECT:  Association Members Urged to Sign "Help Small Business Now" Letter - Deadline is 5 pm EST, Wednesday, August 12


While Congress negotiations on finalizing a stimulus relief package hit a stall on Friday, August 7, President Trump signed four (4) Executive Orders on Saturday that include: 

  1. Continuation of Enhanced Unemployment Insurance as created in the CARES Act, but at $400 per week until 12/31/20.
  2. Continued moratorium on evictions until 12/31/20
  3. Continued deferment of payment of student loans and accrual of interest until 12/31/20
  4. Deferment of payment by employees of FICA and Medicare taxes until 12/31/20 for people that earn less than $100,000.

We are still working hard on ways to get something similiar to RESTART incorporated into the next stimulus package. As of Friday, 52 Senators are cosponsors of RESTART. This press release was issued on Friday, August 7. 

The House bill has 92 cosponsors.

Call to Action
On August 3rd, Howard Schultz spearheaded a letter to Congressional leadership signed by 100 CEOs, including several from the fireworks entertainment industry urging adoption of RESTART in the stimulus package. That letter (attached) received notable media attention and since then several hundred additional business leaders have signed on to the letter. The new goal is to double or triple the number of signatures to include small, mid-sized and large business CEOs from across the country – for an additional press release by Sen. Bennett and Sen. Young this Thursday to show continued support for RESTART. 

APA members are urged to sign on to this letter by no later than 5 pm EST, Wednesday, August 12. Click here to access the landing page and add your company's name to this important letter.

Please act NOW. Thank you to all APA member companies who continue this important congressional outreach and dialogue with your representatives. Our strength is in the numbers and we are partnering with numerous organizations representing the live entertainment industry to make certain that we are not only heard but that we achieve meaningful financial assistance in the next stimulus package.  

Advisory #2020-38