APA Advisory - Call to Action! Contact Your Senators Today!

September 9, 2020

TO:                , 

SUBJECT:   GOP COVID Relief Package Scheduled for a Vote This Thursday
                     Call Your Senators Today & Urge Them to Oppose This Package

Senate Majority Leader McConnell has released a GOP targeted COVID relief package and plans to call for a Senate vote on Thursday. Click here for a summary of the relief package. While it includes another round of PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) it does not include the RESTART Act which will provide long-term assistance.

Senator McConnell likely has at least 51 Republicans who will vote for the bill, because otherwise he would not schedule it for a floor vote. No changes to the bill are anticipated. However, we do not expect any Democrats to vote for it, which means it will not get the 60 (filibuster proof) votes it needs to pass.

We hope the failure of the package will motivate the COVID package negotiators to reach a compromise agreement, one that will include the RESTART Act. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of APA members and others, a number of Senators do recognize the financial pain facing small businesses including the fireworks entertainment industry.  

However, there are a number Republican Senators who are not currently supporting / co-sponsoring RESTART. We ask our members in those states to make a special effort to garner their support. If you are located or do business in those states, please make your voice heard. 

Call to Action
It is imperative to contact your Senators today! Sharing last week’s APA press release with your Senators is encouraged.

Do not use the generic “contact me” field on the Senator’s website – this is merely a generic email address.

Instead, contact your Senator’s Legislative Director (LD) directly – this will help ensure your voice receives the proper attention.

Attached is an excel file with the LDs email addresses for every member of the Senate, sorted by state. Those highlighted in yellow are the Senators that have yet to support the RESTART Act and are the ones that need to hear from us most. 

Below is a template email:

Subject line:  GOP Targeted COVID Relief Package – Vote NO!

(Make certain to insert your Senator’s name in the first sentence and last paragraph)

I am writing to urge Senator (his/her name) to vote no on the GOP targeted COVID relief package. The Senate must continue negotiations and include the RESTART Act in any COVID relief package. Our company may not survive unless long-term help, like RESTART, is enacted. PPP is short-term, and while we are grateful for that assistance, our industry will be the last to reopen because we rely on large gatherings. 

We’ve had very little income since the shutdown in March, losing nearly our entire Independence Day season and now Labor Day and Fall festivities have been largely cancelled. Please see this press release issued last week by the American Pyrotechnics Association, of which we are a member.

Our company must comply with strict state and federal regulatory requirements to properly secure and store explosives. If we go bankrupt, there will be no company to buy our heavily regulated inventory of explosives because our entire industry is in the same predicament – no work!  The state and/or federal government will be saddled with a huge hazardous waste disposal bill.  Explosives can’t simply be abandoned.

We need urgent help now. Please urge Senator (his / her name) to fight for the bipartisan RESTART Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Young and Sen. Bennett plus 51 other Senators to be included in any targeted COVID Relief package. 

Sincerely, (your name and company name)


Our Gratitude
Thank you to all APA members who continue to help us in this fight for financial assistance for our hardest hit industry members. Keep pushing and be vocal.  Together we are making an impact and hopefully we can get RESTART over the finish line.

Please contact APA’s Executive Director Julie Heckman if you have any questions or require assistance at [email protected] or cell at (240) 401-4513. 

Advisory #2020-41