APA Advisory - APA Urges Lame Duck Congress to Pass COVID Relief Package

December 3, 2020

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SUBJECT: Share APA's Press Release & Video on Your Social Media

In follow up to APA’s November 30th Advisory, we are making one last strong push during the current lame duck session in Congress to secure a COVID relief package that will help provide a bridge to the hardest hit members of our industry until a larger relief package can be negotiated.

We hope all of our member companies are doing their part to make contact with the targeted congressional members in the House of Representatives and now, we ask you to please share APA’s press release with the embedded powerful industry video on your social media platforms using hashtag #ReliefNow.

Negotiations are fast and fluid between the Democrats and Republicans and multiple proposals have been presented this week. Let’s keep the pressure on by being bold and loud. Flood your social media with this important message so that the APA is on the train when the COVID relief package leaves the station.  

In addition to posting on your social media platforms, if you have established media contacts, perhaps from interviews that you or your company have participated in over the past couple of years, send APA’s press release to them to alert them to the impact of the pandemic on our industry. Our industry typically only gets significant press during the peak Fourth of July season so alert your media contacts that this issue is of utmost importance to our industry and that we’d appreciate their interest. Feel free to refer any media inquiries to APA’s Executive Director Julie Heckman who can provide the broad industry position but also identify local industry businesses who are impacted. 

Thank you to all APA members for your hard work and perseverance. We can do this!  #InThisTogether #APAStrong.

Advisory 2020-50