APA Advisory - 2021 ERS Participation Details

March 15, 2021


SUBJECT:    Complete and Return Paperwork by March 29th to Continue Participation

Attached is the paperwork for those wishing to participate in the APA's Emergency Response System (ERS) administered by ChemTel. Remember, in order to participate in the APA's ERS you must register annually and provide updated contact information to the APA.  As always, you must be fully up to date with your 2021 dues obligation to participate in the ERS program.

By law, a 24-hour emergency response telephone number is required by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) in 49 CFR 172.604 for the transportation of Hazardous Materials. Additionally, any company registered with an emergency response provider must be identified by name or Contract Number on the shipping paper immediately before, after, above, or below the emergency response telephone number.

It is important to note that if an audit is conducted by DOT, FAA, or Customs, they will verify your emergency contact information and failure to have a current and valid 24-hour emergency response telephone number can result in non-compliance penalties and fines.

2021 Registration Must be Completed and Returned to Either Begin or Continue ERS Coverage

We ask that you complete both of these forms which are also attached to this email and return them o the APA as soon as possible, but no later than March 29th.   If your company elects to receive ERS coverage elsewhere, (via another provider or organization), we ask that you let us know for record keeping purposes.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you elect to receive your coverage from an alternative provider, please make sure all your shipping papers are updated to omit any and all references to ChemTel, their toll free 24-hour number, and any ChemTel issued Contract Number(s).

Certificate of Compliance

Once your 2021 ERS paperwork has been processed, a courtesy Certificate of Compliance will be emailed to the company contact identified on the ERS Participation Form. This certificate is not a statutory requirement, rather it is provided by ChemTel as a courtesy to assist companies in organizing their shipping documents and maintaining a record of their issued Contract Number(s).

If you have questions, please contact Annelise Gillespie at either (301) 529-8634 or [email protected] if you have questions or concerns. 

 Advisory #2021-07