APA Advisory - APA U Guidelines & Upgrade Options

March 30, 2021

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SUBJECT: Train, Test, and Track Your Employees to Help Your Company Remain Compliant

We are thrilled that over 75 APA members have signed up for the association’s Learning Management System (LMS) accessible through the APA University. Because of this high level of demand, well over 1,000 registered users, we have developed some general guidelines that we wish to share with the membership along with some affordable upgrade options for larger companies who may wish to develop their own, uniquely branded version of the APA’s LMS.


The APA’s LMS delivers compliance and safety training to employees of association members virtually anywhere at any time. Originally developed by Precise Selling 2019, it has recently been expanded and improved to allow APA member companies to train, test, and track employees on hundreds of topics, both generic and fireworks-specific, all on-line. Currently there are over 150 courses to choose from with additional APA fireworks-specific courses in development.

This user based LMS training is ideal because of its flexibility. Employees can be trained individually or in a group and can access training at times that either they, or their employer determine. Company management decides which employees need to complete which courses based on the roles they perform in your company.

LMS Basic

As an APA Member, the Basic version of this valuable training tool is available to your company at no additional cost – it is included as a member benefit. Up to 100 of your employees can access the APA’s LMS at no additional cost.

- Maximum Users: 100

- Includes: Full Access to all APAU Online Courses – both fireworks-specific and over 150 generic modules

- Annual Fee: Free! Included as an APA Member Benefit.

What if your company needs more than 100 people trained? No worries, there are affordable options that will allow you to meet your training needs.

Company Branded Customized LMS Options

The association is offering various options for your company to develop its own, branded version of the APA’s LMS.

Those interested in creating their own company branded version of the APA’s LMS should reach out to Brian Sullivan at Precise Selling for additional information. His email is [email protected] and he will work with you to set up an enhanced and branded version of the APA U LMS for your company that best meets your needs.

A summary of the benefits and fees follow; however the final pricing will depend on your course needs.

- One-time setup fee: $500

- Includes: APA created, fireworks-specific courses, plus the ability to:
  •  Train an unlimited number of employees.
  •  Upload related company documents, videos, presentations and policies.
  •  Brand the site with your company logo. 
  •  Retain Administrative rights to your company’s branded LMS, meaning you have full access to comprehensive report tools to track your employees progress. 
  •  Full control of your branded LMS site and the ability to edit & modify to best meet your company’s needs. 
  •  Complete control over who can access/view your company’s LMS site.

- Annual Fee: LMS Host Fee through Precise Selling: $399/Month ($4,788 annually)

If your company would like to add additional courses (non-fireworks specific) to your branded LMS, you may purchase them through one of the many vendors that provide training modules. Brian Sullivan can assist your company with vendor suggestions depending on the type of courses you are seeking.

Alternatively, if your company would like to include some or all of the generic courses currently on the APA U LMS you may do so by paying a reasonable extra fee to cover licensing charges by our course provided Atlantic Training. Those fees are as follows:

APAU Annual Generic Course Fees:

Red Plan: Up to 10 courses - $250 Annually
White Plan: Up to 25 Courses - $500 Annually
Blue Plan: Unlimited Courses (Full Library) - $750 Annually

We have experienced tremendous interest in APA U and are excited for additional enhancements to our LMS. Please contact Annelise Gillespie at [email protected] or (301) 529-8634 if you have questions or would like additional information.  

Advisory #2021-08