Advisory - Call for Nominations for APA Board of Directors Election

April 30, 2021

TO:                ##First Name## ##Last Name##, ##Company Name##

FROM :         Mike Cartolano, APA Nominations Chairman
                      Tad Trout, Vice Chair

SUBJECT:   Call for Nominations to Serve on the 2021-22 APA Board

It's time once again to look ahead to the upcoming Board of Directors election at the Annual Meeting to be held in San Antonio, Texas on September 22. Four (4) Directors from the Full or Commercial User Member class and one (1) Director from the International Member class will be elected to serve a three year term.

Being elected to an association board is an honor but also carries with it a commitment of time and assumption of fiduciary duties. The overriding responsibility of any board member is placing the association's interests first in all debate and decision making, putting its welfare ahead of any potential personal or business gain. This 
Board Commitment form provides a brief overview of the responsibilities and expectations for service as a member of the APA Board.

The APA Board strives to foster and support those wishing to assume leadership positions in the association and encourages any Full or Commercial User Member to consider service on the Board.

If you are interested in running for a position on the APA Board of Directors, or if you would like to nominate a member from the Full or Commercial User categories to run for a Board position, please contact me at [email protected], Tad Trout at [email protected] or APA Executive Director, Julie Heckman, at [email protected]

Full Member Directors with terms expiring include:

Brian Panther, Pyrotek Special Effects
Stephen Pelkey, Atlas PyroVision Entertainment
Charles Wald, Wald & Co.
William Weimer, Phantom Fireworks 

International Director with term expiring include;

Robert Foti, ICON Pyrotechnics

We request that all nominations be received by no later than Friday, June 11. If you have any questions regarding service on the Board of Directors, please do not hesitate to contact me at  (219) 393-5522, Tad Trout at  (714) 738-1002 or APA's Executive Director, Julie Heckman, at the APA office (301) 907-8181.

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