APA Advisory - APA Std. 87-1 Approvals for Chained Display Aerial Shells

July 8, 2021


SUBJECT:  PHMSA Issues Clarification on Chained Display Aerial Shells Under APA Std. 87-1

The revised, 2018 edition of APA’s Standard 87-1 became effective last December, and the changes included in the revised Standard are both significant and beneficial to the industry.

Among the new provisions in the standard – 2018 APA Standard 87-1B – are those pertaining to Chained Display Aerial Shells (CDAS). “Chained” shells may now be approved under the revised Standard (See Section 2.4 General Requirements – Aerial Shell Chaining). Manufacturers who desire to use a display shell previously approved under the 2001 APA Standard for chaining must reapply under the new 2018 APA Standard 87-1B as the 2001 Standard did not authorize chaining.  If a manufacturer recently obtained an approval for aerial shells under the 2018 Standard, a new approval is not required because the shells were authorized for the provision of creating chained shells provided the shells comply with the criteria set forth in Section 2.4 and the maximum number of shells per chain, based on diameter of the shell, and comply with Table 1.

Recently, at the request of APA, the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued specific guidance on questions related to CDAS.

Please see this frequently asked questions (FAQs) sheet that provides additional guidance to manufacturers on the process they need to follow to comply with provisions of the revised Standard. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact Executive Director Julie Heckman at [email protected]


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