APA Advisory - APA University On-Line Training for Members

February 19, 2020


SUBJECT:   APA Member Companies May Enroll Employees at No Cost

A little less than a year ago, the APA launched an exciting new resource for its members, the APA University, an e-learning tool provided to all APA members at no charge.

To date, over 40 member companies have registered to take advantage of this valuable member benefit and we want to provide them with additional information, as well as distribute sign-up directions for those who may want to utilize APA U in their pre-season training.

This online learning center is designed to provide you and your team additional resources to advance the knowledge and skills needed to assist them in performing their jobs in a safe and effective way. The University may be an excellent supplement to your current new hire training program or as a refresher program for your seasoned employees. Here are some of the courses currently offered:

•           Transportation of Fireworks & Hazardous Material Handling Safety, Refresher Training
•           General DOT Transport Security Refresher Training
•           Back Injury Prevention
•           Sexual Harassment
•           First Aid Training/Bloodborne Pathogens
•           Environmental Health and Awareness
•           Hazard Communication Training
•           Ladder Safety
•           Coming Soon – Display Operator Refresher Training

Signing-Up for APA U

Is easy! PLEASE NOTE: Although you may access the APA U via links on our webpage www.americanpyro.com, your current APA website member login and password info WILL NOT work for APA U. Rather, the University will issue separate login and password credentials for APA U.

PLEASE REMEMBER: You will need to designate a "TRAINING MANAGER" who will have the responsibility of enrolling participants in the courses you feel relevant to your operation and for monitoring their progress. You may designate more than one individual as a training manager and a summary of the manager’s role can be viewed by clicking here

To enroll your employees in the program, use this Excel template and enter the required information in each field including:

1)    Email – a unique email address is required for each enrolled user

2)    Password - any word can be created for all users because they can change it after first login

3)    First & Last Name – of the employee being enrolled

4)    Active – place in “a” in this column for each user to be enrolled

5)    Company Group – your company name

6)    Managed Groups - the person(s) who is your designated TRAINING MANAGER needs to have your company name put in this column.

PLEASE AVOID: Using non-alpha & non-numeric symbols (i.e., #,%.*, etc.)  because these symbols are not recognized by the APA U system. To view a sample completed spreadsheet click here.

After completing the spreadsheet, save the Excel file and send it to to: [email protected]

Once your company has been enrolled, an email invite will then be sent out to all users with their login credential including email address and password. This process can take a couple of days, we appreciate your patience.

Current APA U Users - How to Add New Employees

If you have already signed up for APA U, we urge you to take the time to explore all its features. We also want to highlight that your TRAINING MANAGER has the ability to enroll additional users into APA U – there is no need to resubmit a list to the APA. Managers are NOT permitted to remove users because that person’s transcripts would be erased and transcripts need to be preserved should a company need to prove that their employees took a course. Please follow these steps to add a user:

1)  Login into APA U using your email and password.

2)  At the top right side of the landing page, you will see a “role” category, please select the “manager” option.

3)  Drop down options will appear, please select the “my team” option.

4)  A screen will appear that lists all your company’s registered users.

5)  At the top right side, you will see various icons, including one of a person’s head. Click this head to add a user.

6)  A screen will appear where you can add the name, email address and password information for the person you would like to add a user.

7)  Make sure to hit the “submit” button in the lower right corner of the page to finish the process of adding a user.

If you have questions about the program, please email them to: [email protected]

Also, if you are interested in hearing how you can create your own company University with access to APA content, please also send your inquiry to [email protected]

We hope you and your team will find benefit in this resource and we will need your feedback as we continue to build this training tool. Please let us know if there are other courses you feel would be beneficial or if your company would be interested in sponsoring an on-line course and advertising by having your company logo added to it.



*These materials do not guarantee that you are in compliance with any federal, state, or local law or regulation requiring training of employees.

Advisory #2020-04