Professional Display Fireworks Industry Struggles
                                      Despite the Boom in Retail Sales

                    APA Urges Congress to Enact RESTART Now

The APA is the voice of the fireworks industry.
For over seven decades the APA has led the fireworks industry, promoting safety in the design and use of all types of legal fireworks. Its members are committed to safety and regulatory compliance. 

Not Just for the 4th of July

Fireworks are entertainment enjoyed year round, adding fun and flair to sporting events, concerts, weddings and any special event.

The fireworks industry takes great pride in entertaining millions of Americans and helping our great nation celebrate its pride & patriotism on Independence Day, as well as adding sparkle to events throughout the year.

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Bringing Communities Together

Fireworks remain one of the few ways American families can escape their fast-paced, technology-laden lives to enjoy a multi-generational family activity full of beautiful colors and bright lights. Events that include fireworks displays can add millions of dollars to local economies and sales from backyard fireworks raise significant tax revenue.

Each year, non-profits such as the 4-H, local high school marching bands and churches benefit from fireworks sales by manning fireworks stands and having a portion of their sales proceeds go directly toward supporting their charity.

What's Your Favorite Firework?